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Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students aspiring to study at one of the best universities in Europe. With over more than 400 universities, Germany offers high quality education with globally recognised qualifications. Most of the bachelor degree programs are offered as German taught programs at state universities in Germany. 

Students can choose to study from Aerospace Engineering to Zoology state universities in Germany without having to pay any tuition fees. Education in Germany is free for everyone be it national or international students. What students pay for studying at the public university in Germany is only the semester contribution in between 200-300 Euros/semester.

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With more than a decade of experience in German education consulting and providing Intensive German courses to Nepalese students, you can be assured of a great placement right from day one. Probably Edupark is the only consulting company that has this kind of experience in German university placement in Nepal. 

We have already placed 100s of students at the LMU, TUM, RWTH Aachen, KIT, TU Darmstadt to name a few. Many of our students already have ground breaking careers in Medicine, Engineering and business administration fields in Germany. 

Why study in Germany?

1. A great destination
Germany is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and offers a first rate academic environment for good qualified students in the heart of Europe.

2. World Recognised Qualifications
German degrees are globally recognised because of the high quality education offered at the universities and hence it is easier to find jobs in and outside Germany after the completion of the studies.

3. No Tuition fees
There no tuition fees at most state universities in Germany which means you can study for free or with as little as contribution charges of 200-300 Euros per semester giving you the peace of mind.

4. High salaries
Germany has the 4th best graduate starting salary at £40,650 in Europe, with a growing economy and also has the  2nd best unemployment rate in the EU, at 3.4%

5. Job search visa
International students are allowed to stay in Germany for additional 18 months to look for a job and once they get a job related to their studies, they can apply for EU Blue Card which entitles them to stay and work in Germany for as long as they want. 

German taught Bachelor programs

Most of the bachelor programs are offered as German taught programs at state universities in Germany. International students study wide range of courses along with German students at state universities in Germany in preparation for their career in Germany. 

Benefits of studying German taught programs

1. Study Highly competitive subjects
There are certain subjects which is not offered in English medium such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical sciences. Students with adequate grades can study these programs free of cost at the best universities in Germany.

2. Study at top ranked universities
Most of the bachelor degree programs at top ranked universities are still offered as German taught programs. If you are planning to study your bachelor degree at one of the top ranked universities in Germany, you must study in German medium.

3. Study any subject of your choice
Students with required German language skills can almost study any subject at the best universities provided that they meet the grade requirements of the university.

4. Find part time jobs easily
Students with knowledge of German easily find part time jobs during their studies to support themselves.

5. More job opportunities after graduation
Students completing a German taught program in Germany have more job opportunities after their graduation and are immediately hired by employers.

Programs offered

  • Agriculture, Forestry, 
  • Art, Music, Drama and Design, 
  • Engineering- all faculties 
  • Information Technology,  Computer Science
  • Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Mathematics,
  • Health Sciences, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
  • Business Administration, Management, Economics and Social Sciences


Major cities like Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, and other cities based on the choice of your subjects

Tuition fees:

There are no tuition fees at most state universities. Universities in the state of Baden -Wurttemberg charge a tuition fee of 1500 Euros/semester. Apart from these students pay a semester contribution charge of 200-300 Euros/semester.

Degrees: Bachelor/ Statexamen


June 2021
September 2021
January 2022 
March 2022

  • There are various intakes for students with 10+2 qualification who want to study German taught program in Germany. 
  • Students starting their A1 German language course can apply for studying in Germany after the completion of B1 level which usually needs 6 months to complete. 
  • Students who already have B1 level of German language can apply asap for the June 2021 Intake. 

Admission Requirements

  • Min. CGPA 2.7 without D+ in any subject or equivalent
  • B1 level of German language course documented by B1 certificate
  • Students who do not have German language skills can join our Intensive German language course and complete their B1 course in 6 months 
  • Students with 10+2 qualifications must complete a one year foundation course after B1 level followed by their bachelor degree studies in their chosen subjects if they want to study German taught bachelor programs at state universities in Germany. 

Choose Edupark !

German Education Specialist
Since our inception we have been only dealing with German Education and undoubtedly we are the only dedicated German Education consultant in Nepal offering you anything and everything related to studying in Germany.

More than  a decade of Experience
We have more than a decade of experience in teaching Intensive German courses to Nepalese students, preparing them for top class placement at the best German universities and

Top rated placements
We have already placed thousands of students at German universities for their further studies and many of our students have already become doctors and engineers from top ranked German universities like LMU Munich, TU Munich, KIT, RWTH Aachen, TU Darmstadt and many others.

Near to 100 percent visas
Probably we have sent the largest number of students to Germany for their higher studies in Nepal and we have the highest visa success rate till date.

Intensive German courses
Be it for your studies in German medium or for your day to day life in Germany, our Intensive German courses will help you learn German in the best possible manner in the least possible time. 

How can you start?

1. Complete the form below for assessment for your qualifications

2. Schedule an appointment for counseling or visit us in person for detailed counseling

3. Upon positive decision, submit your academic documents and enrol in our German language course starting every fortnight.

4. Upon Once you have passed your B1, your university and visa application will be taken care by us. 

5. Start your studies in Germany upon your visa.

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