Normally students whose qualifications are not recognized as an equivalent to German Schooling, must complete a one year preparatory course at the studienkolleg. There are almost 29 studienkollegs in Germany in different states. Some studienkollegs prepare students for one or two universities while other studienkollegs (sometimes only one in a single state) prepare students for different universities in that state. The studienkollegs for FH and Universities tend to differ slightly in their course structures and some studienkollegs serves the need of both type of students viz. those wishing to attend FH or University. The normal duration of the preparatory course is one year or two semesters. The entry requirement is B1/B2 level of German language and passing the qualifying examination known as Aufnamheprufung. The prepartory courses at the Studienkollegs ends with an examination known as Festellungsprufung or Assessment Test.

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