German Medium Bachelor

Most of the courses in Bachelor degree in Germany is in German language ranging from Aerospace Engineering to Zoology.

Once can find almost any course in German medium. Normally Nepalese students go to study Medicine, Engineering and Business Administration and other related subjects in undergraduate level in Germany. Most universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees and even when tuition fees are charged, its 500 Euros per semester. The wide range of course availability and no tuition fees at the finest universities makes Germany an ideal destination for study for Nepalese students.

The benefits of studying a degree course in German language in Germany is tremendous. The first and foremost thing is that students get to know much about the German language and culture in Germany and the next thing is the choice of programs of study in Germany in Bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, at the end of their study, if students have good knowledge of German language or if they are studying in a German medium program, they can choose to do their internship at one of the finest companies and in Germany’s best industries. Besides all these things, students have higher chances of finding part time jobs given their language skills is good enough.

After the completion of undergraduate studies in German medium, one has higher chances of getting employment in one of the German companies in Germany or after returning to Nepal because these days employers seek candidates who not only know English but also other European languages. Besides, these students can also work for German companies based in any country after the completion of their studies in Germany.

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