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What is the admission requirement for studying at a German University?

The basic admission requirements are good marks in your Intermediate level and good German language proficiency upto Zertifikat B1 level. Good marks means at least first division and as far as possible students should not have gap more than one year. Students should note that Zertifikat B1 is also a requirement for visa application if you are planning for studying in Bachelor's degree in German Medium in Germany.

I have completed Diploma in Engineering from CTEVT affiliated College from Nepal? Can I directly study in Bachelor’s degree in Germany?

Normally the Diploma in Engineering from CTEVT is also not recognized as an equivalent to the German Schooling and hence universities before giving you admission letter will require you to complete one year foundation course at the Studienkolleg. Most universities consider CTEVT Diploma as vocational courses and therefore students with these qualifications are not allowed in academic programs. However, there are separate professional schools known as Berufschule where the students can get admitted and later work in the German industry as middle managers after the completion of their Bachelor's degree.

What is the language requirement for preparatory course at the Studienkolleg?

The language requirement for studying at the preparatory course is at least B1 level of German language documented by successfully passing the Zertifikat B1 Examination for Nepalese students and students must pass the entrance examination of the studienkolleg before they can start their preparatory courses studies at the Studienkolleg. Some Studienkollegs may require B2/C1 level of German language for sending you the admission letters.

What is the tuition fees at the Studienkolleg?

Generally there are no tuition fees at the Studienkollegs in Germany except a few such as the one at FH Aachen which charges tuition fees upto 16000 Euros per year and these days the number of private Studienkollegs are growing. What you have to pay at the most of the studienkollegs is the semester contribution fees.

What is the length of the preparatory course at the Studienkolleg?

The standard length of the preparatory course at the Studienkolleg is one year or two semesters.

Can I work part time while doing my foundation course at the Studienkolleg?

Yes, you can work part time while doing your foundation course studies at the Studienkolleg as you are treated like university students and receive the same benefits in transportation and meals at the mensa.

Can I study Medicine in English medium in Germany?

No, you cannot study Medicine in English Medium in Germany. Medicine is taught in German medium only and at government universities.

What is the tuition fees for Medicine in Germany?

Generally there are no tuition fees for studying either Medicine or Engineering or any other subject at state universities. However tuition fees upto 500 Euros are being charged at some universities in addition to the semester contribution.

What is the length of undergraduate studies in Medicine?

The length of undergraduate studies in medicine in Germany is usually 6 years apart from the preparatory course studies at the Studienkolleg and the language course.

Will the Medical Degree gained in Germany be recognized in Nepal?

Yes, German Universities have long tradition and the degrees gained in Germany are globally recognized. If you want to confirm, please check with Nepal Medical Council before starting the process. Edupark will not be responsible in case Nepal Medical Council does not recognize the globally recognized degrees from one of the finest institutions in Germany.

I have completed 10+2 with first division and have an overall score of 6.0 in IELTS. Can I study Engineering in English medium in Germany?

There are some courses which may allow students to study in English medium for 10+2 students. But these courses are limited and may not cater to your needs in individual subjects. We recommend you to study your bachelor degree in Germany in German medium as this will give you a very good idea of language and culture which is very useful during your internship at top-notch companies towards the end of your study period in Germany.

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