Admission requirements


What are the admission requirements for studying Bachelor degree in Germany?

Admission requirements may vary from program to program or university ot university. Here, you can find the general admission requirements based on the study tracks available for Nepalese students.

1. Foundation/Studienkolleg Program

A. German taught Bachelor degree program (Studienkolleg Track- Public university)

  • Must have completed 10+2 or equivalent qualification with at least GPA 3.0 in aggregate and pass out 2020 onwards
  • Must have passed B1/B2 level with good marks
  • Gap should not be more than 2 years at the time of start of the German language course A1 level (for those who have not yet learned German language unless it is due to COVID-19).

10+2 years of schooling from Nepal is not recognized as an equivalent to German Abitur A and therefore students with these qualifications must complete a one year foundation course at the so called Studienkolleg in Germany, the requirement of which is Zertifikat B1 from Goethe Institut, Nepal. Once the students have completed B1 level of German language, they will need to appear for an entrance examination at the Studienkolleg known as Aufnamheprufung. Upon successful completion of the preparatory courses with good grades, they can start their studies in Bachelor’s degree.

Before starting your foundation course in German medium, you will be required to take an entrance examination at the Studienkolleg/university. Once you have been selected in the foundation course, you will prepare for one year at the Studienkolleg followed by final examination known as “Festellungsprufung” leading to bachelor degree studies at the university. 

Some universities or studienkolleg require B2 or C1 level of German language proficiency for the entrance test. So it is essential that students learn enough German language in their home country before going to Germany as German language course at private language schools is very expensive. Given the internationalisation of German universities these days, some universities also offer German language courses to prepare students for their university entrance examinations.

B. English taught Foundation course (Private university)

  • Must have completed 10+2 or equivalent qualification with at least GPA 2.6 
  • Must have IELTS 6.0 (5.5) or equivalent. 
  • German language is not mandatory but highly recommended at least up to A2 level.
  • Pass out 2020 and onwards only

This is offered by the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Students who wish to apply for the English taught foundation course will have to take an online test and an admission interview. Upon the completion of the English taught foundation course, students can either continue to study English taught Bachelor program at University of Applied Sciences Europe or at a public university. The English taught foundation course is only for Business Track students and not for Engineering students at the moment and is subject to tuition fees. 

2. Bachelor degree programs

A. German taught (Direct Entry- Public university)

Students applying for studying German taught bachelor programs in Germany must have the following qualifications and language proficiency. 

  • Must have passed at least first year bachelor degree in Nepal or proper A-levels
  • Must have passed at least B1 level of German language course

Before starting your bachelor degree, you will be required to do a semester of German language course at the university and pass DSH-2 Examination. 

B. English taught Bachelor program (Public university - Direct Entry)

Students applying for studying English taught bachelor programs at state universities in Germany must have the following qualifications and language proficiency. 

  • Must have passed at least first year Bachelor degree in Nepal or proper A-levels
  • Must have IELTS score of 6.0 (5.5)
  • Must have basic knowledge of German language (A1 or A2 level highly recommended) 

Students who meet these entry requirements are eligible to study directly in first semester of studies in English medium at a public university in Germany without having to pay tuition fees. An exception to the above entry requirements is that a few public universities may also provide direct admission for students who have at least 3.0 GPA in their 10+2 or equivalent and the required English and German proficiency for a few bilingual programs. However, one must keep in mind that Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other programs are offered only as German taught programs. 

C. English taught Bachelor degree programs (Private universities) 

Individual private universities in Germany may have their individual admission requirements based on the regulation of the state in which they are registered or based on the programs. It may be possible for students to directly study in the first semester in an English taught program at a private university with 10+2 or equivalent qualifications and without having to complete the foundation course. You must keep in mind that these programs are mainly limited to Business Management, Hospitality Management and or Data Science programs. 

  • Must have passed at 10+2 with at least 2.8 GPA in aggregate
  • Must have IELTS score of 6.0 (5.5)
  • Must have basic knowledge of German language (A1 or A2 level highly recommended but not mandatory)


  1. Students who apply for direct admission with these qualifications have to undergo an online admission test followed by an online interview with a faculty member.
  2. In some cases, if it is not possible for you to take IELTS examination, it is also possible to attend the online English test to demonstrate your English proficiency for participation in the application process. 
  3. At some universities, it may be possible to attend the bachelor degree program of your choice after attending a year of foundation course in English taught program if the 10+2 or equivalent is not recognised as an equivalent to the German Abitur A. 

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