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Part time Jobs in Germany for International Students

Job Opportunities in Germany for International Students

An International student is allowed to work a total of 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. One full day of work is 8 hours of work and a half day work is typically 4 hours/day. This translates to 20 hours per week part time jobs. Most students in Germany usually work full time during their semester breaks and study full time during their lecture days to support themselves with their living costs. Typically, these part-time jobs include teaching or research assistants at university, English tutors, support staff/waiters at coffee shops or bars, or assistants in industrial production among others. Although while working part-time, students get to earn a little extra pocket money and learn more about the culture and lifestyle of a place.

In order to find part time jobs easily, students must have a very good knowledge of German language whether you are planning to study a German taught or English taught Bachelor/Master program in Germany. Students who plan to study a German taught program usually learn German language upto B1 level at least and hence for them it is not a problem to find part time jobs during their studies. However, most students applying for studying an English taught program should consider learning German language as much as possible in order to find part time jobs and get integrated in the German society.

Students who are planning to study English taught Bachelor or Master program should learn German language at least upto A2 level so that it is very easy for them upon arrival in Germany. In order to prepare you for your day to day life in Germany and to help you with finding part time jobs, we have launched a special Standard German course which you should undertake. Our standard German language courses are designed especially for students who are planning to study English taught programs in Germany. Apart from the regular course, our standard German courses include tips on how to apply for Jobs and how to look for part time jobs. These skills gained during our German courses come very handy once you are in Germany. 

Tips for finding part-time Jobs in Germany

  1. Learn German as much as possible at least up to A2 level.
  2. Get some training related to customer service or making coffee or waiter training etc.
  3. Try to get training in multiple areas such as food and beverage, waiter training, coffee making training, bartending. 
  4. Have a CV documenting your skills and language proficiency.
  5. Most jobs are often advertised online and hence be prepared to apply for jobs online.
  6. If you don’t know how to start looking for jobs, ask for help once you are in Germany.
  7. Make the most of your networking skills with people who are already studying and working in Germany. Most jobs are never advertised and if you have good networking skills you will surely find one to start with. 
  8. When applying for jobs, always apply for multiple types of jobs. 
  9. Your first job will not be what you thought of, but if you don’t find anything better - take it and always keep an eye for better opportunities. 
  10. Have some patience as you will need some patience in finding jobs and getting used to the regulation of the labour market in Germany. 

Job search visa in Germany after Studies

You can apply for 18 months job search visa upon completion of your Bachelor or Master degree in Germany. This is very important as it allows international students enough time to look for jobs in Germany related to their studies leading to exposure at German and international companies followed by long term settlement. 

Working in Germany as a Non-EU Citizen with a German University Degree

Overview of the Most Important Rules and Regulations

Citizens of non-EU-countries who have gained a degree from a German university can extend their residence permit in order to look for an appropriate vacancy for employment with the degree obtained (Article 16 Section 4 Residence Act [Aufenthaltsgesetz]). In 2011, a total of 7,392 foreign graduates took up employment in Germany and received a corresponding residence permit.

Please note the following:

  • Since August 2012, the residence permit can be extended to a maximum of 18 months.
  • During this “search phase”, there are no limits in taking up employment.
  • Once a job appropriate to the candidate’s qualification has been found, it is not necessary to verify whether privileged personnel from the EU are available. Further, the approval of the Federal Employment Agency is not required.
  • It is possible to receive a permanent residence permit earliest 2 years after the corresponding job acquired has been consequently pursued for 24 months, as well as the payment of pension fund fees.
  • The rules and regulations listed above apply to graduates of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral studies at German universities, irrespective of the field of study taken up for the degree.

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