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Living cost in Germany for International Students

Germany is considered to be one of the most attractive destinations for people from all over the world due to high quality of life, exciting job opportunities and numerous other things. The German economy is one of the largest in the world with stable labour market. Germany is a country where students from all over the world go to study due to high quality education and post study work and with possibility of success in their chosen field. 

Everything is on time!

Punctuality is often taken as granted in Germany and therefore if you are not punctual, you may have a difficult time making friends with people in general and also it is possible that you miss your lectures and often lag behind your studies. Hard work and precision is highly appreciated in Germany.

Initially it may seem that Germans are cold or antisocial in first acquaintances, but later you will realise that they are quite friendly once you get to know them. Germany is a very welcoming country for international students and there are many benefits you will have as an international student. 


Germany is a country that enjoys all the four seasons throughout the year. If you are planning to stay in Germany for your higher education, you will need all types of clothes. Normally, the summers are warm and winters are cold where the temperature can drop below freezing point and spring and fall are often a balance between the summer and winter seasons. 

During the summer in Germany, temperatures can rise to more than 30 degrees Celsius and there are many destinations such as lakes and beaches for cooling off. The weather in Germany can be varied, maybe often unpredictable, but you should be sure that you will get to enjoy all four seasons, yearly, while on your study trip to Germany. So, do not forget to bring your hat, scarf, gloves, and a warm jacket but remember to also bring sunglasses, T-shirts, and a bathing suit.

HEALTH INSURANCE - For your medical and study needs!

Health Insurance is mandatory in Germany for everyone even if you are an international student. Without a proper German insurance, students cannot be enrolled at the university. If you are applying for foundation course studies, it is possible for you to get a private insurance from Care Concept, the cost of which is around 35 Euros/month but once you enrol at the university you will have to take out statuary insurance policy which costs around 80-90 Euros per month and can vary from.
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If your health insurance cover at home is not valid in Germany, you will have to take out an insurance policy here. Public health insurance costs around 80 euros per month if you are not older than 30 years old or have not yet finished the 14th subject-related semester. After that, the contribution increases to at least 160 euros per month.

How much does it cost to live in Germany as an International Student?

According to the estimation by German authorities, you will need around 863 Euros per month in order to meet the necessary living expenses as an international student. This amount is usually required for a year in form of a blocked account at the time of your visa application. International students have the possibilities of finding a part time jobs during their studies for an extra income. 

Can I afford to study in Germany as a Nepalese student?

For a Nepalese student, 863 Euros/month may sound relatively high from the Nepalese perspective but this is much cheaper than most other cities like Toronto, Sydney or New York. The expenses of 863 Euros allows for a modest lifestyle as a student and covers all that you will need as a student. The most important thing in any case to maintain your living cost is to maintain the fixed costs; rent as low as possible. Living in Germany is moderate and an economically priced room possibly in a student dormitory can ease some of the financial strain. Bust modest does not necessarily mean austere. 

What are the subsidies offered to International students in Germany?

It is important to note that living cost may vary from individual to individual as lifestyle varies from person to person. In most cases, Nepalese students live economically to avoid financial strains. It is worth to mention that there are several costs that are subsidised for international students; such as student dormitories are cheaper compared to private accommodation, students receive a subsidised transportation cost once they are enrolled at the university and meals at Mensa are often subsidised.

Monthly Costs required for International student in Germany

Overhead  Average
Rent (student accomodation, incl. Electricity) 323 
Food and Drink    168 
Clothes    42 
Health Insurance   80 
Phone/ Internet/ Fees for TV 31 
Travel costs (car and Public Transport) 94 
Papers/ Books/ Photocopies, etc. 40 
Leisure, Culture and Sports 61
Total ca. 819,- Euro

Apart from the above costs, students should also take in account, the tuition fees if applicable and semester contribution paid at the beginning of each semester!

A Great Study abroad Experience

Overall, student life in Germany is an authentic experience and will likely be able to meet your expectations. The majority of German cities relish an active nightlife and a wide range of recreational activity options. Larger cities like Munich and Berlin are full of interesting places to visit, but the charm of the smaller towns is unmatched. With numerous student-friendly places, extracurricular activities, and its festivals, Germany is the perfect place where you can balance both study and social life.

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