Budgets and Finances

How much does it cost to study in Germany?

As an international student, when you are planning to study abroad in any country, there are a number of things that will cost you and for which you need to plan accordingly. Among numerous things that an international student needs to take in account while planning for the budget, tuition fees and living cost are the two main things apart from travel and other visa related expenses. 

If you are planning to study in Germany the tuition fee is the least of the concern for most international students as they choose to study at a state funded university where there are no tuition fees. At some universities tuition fees of 1500 Euros per semester may be charged which is still much lesser than other countries. Even if you choose to study at a private university, the tuition would be normally around 5000-6000 Euros per semester which is still lower than the tuition fees that an international student has to pay in Australia, Canada or the UK. 

Among other things, international students must take in account the living cost equivalent to 10500 Euros for the first year living cost which should be deposited in a German bank account in form of a blocked account out of which you can withdraw 850 Euros on a monthly basis for your living expenses. This 850 Euros per month covers almost everything that a student may need during the course of the month from the cost of the rent to the insurance and all other things. 

What is the total cost required for studying in Germany?

Even though there are no tuition fees at state universities and International students are required to carry their first year living expenses in form of a blocked account, students are requested to take the following in account when budgeting for studying in Germany. The costs can vary depending upon whether you choose to study at public or private university. 

A student must take in account the following expenses that will be required while processing for Germany.

Budgets and Finances Overview

1. German Language Course and Examination fees

  • Intensive German Courses (Face to Face): NRs  16950 (including books, materials and government taxes)
  • Online German course fees: NRs 11300 (including books and materials and taxes)
  • B1 Examination fees: 93 Euros (for German taught UG Applicants only)
  • A1 Examination fees: 58 Euros (for English taught program Applicants, recommended for part - time jobs in Germany)

2. IELTS preparation and Examination fees*

  • Intensive IELTS Preparation fees: NRs 7910 (Inclusive of books, materials and taxes)
  • Online IELTS Preparation fees: NRs 5650 (inclusive of Books and Materials)
  • IELTS Examination fees: NRs 23000 (Payable to the British council or IDP based where you register for the Exam)
    *Applicable only for English taught program Applicants and not required for students who have already taken IELTS or equivalent test.

3. No Objection letter : NRs 2000
Payable to the Ministry of Education

3. Tuition fees: 3500-5500 EUR per semester
Only required for private university applicants; a certain amount of the first semester fee is required as deposit for issuing the enrolment letter for the visa application. 

4. Placement fees : varies
May vary based on the number of applications and or applying for private university. 

5. Visa fee : 75 EUR (Payable at the German Embassy)

6. Draft letter fee: 25 EUR (Payable at the German Embassy)

7. Blocked Account Amount: 10600 EUR
One year living cost in advance to be deposited in your German bank account out of which 863 EUR/month can be withdrawn for your monthly living expenses.

8. Travel Mediclaim Insurance: 70 USD
Required for issuance of Visa

9. Remainder First semester tuition fee: 1500-2000 EUR
Only for private university applicants; this is usually the remainder of the first semester fees less the initial deposit.

10. Airfare: NRs 45000- 50000
Can vary depending upon the airlines and high season or low season.

11. Initial Settlement Expenses: 1500 USD
For payment of room rent & deposit and other expenses during your initial days until your blocked account gets activated.

Budgeting Notes:

  • If you are applying for studying at a public university, you should on an average estimate 17-18 lakhs NPR inclusive of your first year living expenses 10600 Euros and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • If you are applying for studying at a private university, you should add the tuition fees of the first semester on the budget of approx. 18 lakhs which would roughly make it around 23 lakhs including the first year living expenses and the first semester tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Important note regarding Blocked Account for Student Visa

All students applying for student visa except scholarship holders must open up a blocked account at Deutsch Bank and transfer 10600 EUR to their account for the first year of their living expenses. It is important to note that students are not allowed to withdraw more than 863 EUR per month. So students should make a realistic calculation of their finances before applying for Germany.

For more information on Blocked Account:

Blocked Account for International Students

Forms for Blocked Account - Deutsche Bank

Opening a bank account/blocked account for foreign students > 18 years (PDF)

Opening a bank account/blocked account for foreign minor students < 18 years (PDF)

Supplementary form to open or extend a blocked account for foreign students (PDF) Closing order (PDF)

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