Health Insurance

Health Insurance

If you are planning to study in Germany, Travel insurance is compulsory for your visa application and health insurance is compulsory after your arrival in Germany. Without health insurance you are at great risk in terms of medical care. Without insurance, the medical costs arising out of diseases or accidents is very high and not possible for a normal student to bear with the limited amount of money he or she has. So we advise you on how to get proper insurance cover for and during your study period in Germany whether you are a student preparing for your university studies or whether you are a university student.

We recommend you to get a proper insurance coverage before your arrival in Germany so that it is a lot easier for you even if you need medical care immediately after your arrival in Germany.

Private Health Insurance in Germany

Students who plan to prepare for their university entrance examination such as DSH or the Studienkolleg Entrance Examination(Aufnahmeprufung) at a language school in Germany or students studying at Studienkolleg in Germany are exempted from Compulsory insurance(Statuary Insurance). These students can be insured from private insurance such as Care College which is very beneficial in illness and it is very cost effective in terms of money.This insurance costs around 30-35 Euros per month.

Statuary Insurance for university studies in Germany

Students who wish to be enrolled at a university must present evidence of statuary insurance for enrollment. With proof of Statuary Insurance, students are not allowed to enroll at the university. Under the German law, students who study at a university (Universität), University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule or Technische Hochschule or Fachhochschule ) are subject to compulsory German Insurance. German statuary Insurance is regulated by German Ministry of Health and the premium for student health insurance and benefits are at the same level for all Statuary Health Insurance funds. The cost is usually around 80-90 Euros per month.

The following documents are required for Statuary Insurance Application:

1. University Admission Letter

2. Passport copy

3. German Bank Account Information.

Please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need either Private Insurance (recommended for undergraduate students) or Statuary Insurance (for students who go to directly study at a university).

Our Insurance service is free of cost for students! 


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