Student Corner

Intervstudentiewer: How did you come to choose Edupark?
Deepa: I had heard about studying in Germany and it was during my entrance preparation at NAME, a friend of me who was also learning German at Edupark, recommended to me visit. And upon visit for counseling, I was explained each and everything in detail regarding my studies in medicine in Germany. Everything was explained to me in such detail that I did not give a second thought about visiting other consultants or other German language schools in Kathmandu.

Interviewer: What were your experiences as a student at Edupark?
Deepa: The entire team was quiet supportive during my language course and it is like a family to me. And all our teachers regularly encouraged us to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. We had enough time to question and correct our mistakes and learn from it.

Interviewer: How did you find the service of Edupark during your visa application process?
Deepa : The visa application process was made quiet easy with each and everything at hand and all the information regarding the visa application process was given to us beforehand and we are also prepared for our interview.

Interviewer: What are your Goethe Zertifikat B1 score?
Deepa: I have scored 100/100 in Speaking Section of the test and 99 in writing section. I have 80 in Listening Module and 73 in Reading Module.

Interviewer: What would you suggest to fellow students learning German at different German language schools in Kathmandu?
Deepa: It does not matter where you learn but you have to learn it well right from the beginning if you want to study in Germany. However, learning at Edupark will still make a difference.

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