Working Visa in Germany


If you are looking for excellent options for working abroad, Germany could be one! 

If you are planning to work in Germany, it is now possible to apply for working in Germany as a Nepalese provided that you meet the requirements for the working visa with or without G2G program. This article is prepared in order to address thousands of inquiries that we receive regarding working visa in Germany. Please read carefully to know regarding the updates about the recent Labor agreement, types of German visa available for Nepalese, our limitations as an education consultancy for working visa and how you can learn German in order to prepare yourself for working in Germany.

Labor Agreement between Government of Nepal and German Government

  1. The Government of Nepal has signed a deal with Germany to send Nepali workers to lucrative destinations for foreign employment.
  2. This means that Nepalese will be able to apply directly for working visa in Germany as skilled workers after meeting the requirements which are being worked out between both the governments at the moment. 
  3. The Government to Government pathway for working visa is just one among many pathway towards working in Germany. 
  4. Even before the signing of the agreement, as a Nepalese perso, you could apply for either a working visa or a job seeker visa provided that the visa conditions are met.

Types of German visa for Nepalese

  1. As a Nepalese planning to pursue your career in Germany, the following category of visas are available:
    1. Study visa
    2.  Vocational Training (Berufsausbildung) visa
    3.  FSJ/BFD visa
    4.  Au pair visa
    5.  Job seeker visa
    6.   Employment visa
    7.  Speciality Cook Visa
    8.  Family reunion visa

Limitations of Education Consultancy for working visa

  1. We as an Education Consultancy are neither supposed nor authorized to provide information or apply for working visas. Instead you can apply directly through the  G2G (Government to Government) program once the requirements are finalised or apply for a job seeker visa on your own. 
  2. Our services are limited to counseling and language preparation for the following:
    a) Counseling for Vocational Education and training in Germany
    b) Counseling for study visa (Bachelor & Master degree)
    c) German language teaching
    d) IELTS preparation

German language requirements for working in Germany

  1. One of the most common requirement for almost all the type of visa (except for study visa for English taught program and or work visa depending upon the type of work), German language is mandatory for candidates who want to pursue their career in Germany. The language requirement may vary depending upon the work and the requirements (which will be announced later) for the G2G program.
  2. You will need at least some knowledge of German depending upon the requirements that will be set by the government for skilled worker migration to Germany.

Learning German for working in German

  1. In the mean time, you can learn German language online with our Online German courses to prepare yourself for your employment and or career in Germany. 
  2. Online German Courses offered by Edupark are tailored to meet the requirements of working visa for Nepalese candidates.

Online German courses for Working in Germany

  1. Our Online German courses are offered from A1 to B1 level in the morning and evening depending upon the availability of instructors. 
  2. For more information and enrolment process of Online German Courses offered by Edupark, please visit the following page:

Start your preparing for working in Germany with our Online German Courses →

Important Changes to Entry Requirements

Starting 15th September 2021, there has been massive changes to the entry requirements for bachelor and master applicants. We have adopted these entry requirements to ensure genuine and very good quality students who are seriously interested in Studying in Germany. For more information, please read the following information carefully:

Entry Requirements for Bachelor Applicants (German taught Studienkolleg Track)

The following applies to Nepalese students who want to study a German taught Bachelor degree program at a German university upon the completion of the language (in Nepal) and the foundation course studies (in Germany)

  • You must have completed your Grade XII examination in the year 2020 and onwards only. We no longer accept students who have completed their 10+2 qualifications in 2019 unless you have a B1 or B2 certificate with at least 80% marks. 
  • You must have obtained at least CGPA 3.0 (Grade XI & XII) combined. If you have appeared for your Grade XII Examination in 2021 and are waiting for your Grade XII results, in that case you must have obtained at least 3.0 GPA in Grade XI. 
  • You must obtain at least 80% marks in your B1 Examination for university and visa application process.


  • Students who have not learnt German language seriously or just have pass marks in their B1 Examination have a very low chance of getting visa or getting accepted at the institution of their choice.
  • If you are not serious about studying in Germany or do not allocate enough time for your German language course, we recommend you not join our German language courses. You will be only wasting a year and half of your time which can be utilised for joining an academic program in Nepal or other countries. 
  • Most students join German language courses without proper information and without proper knowledge of the requirements about the universities only to be stranded later on. 
  • At Edupark, we are looking to prepare serious students for studying at the best universities in Germany. Average or below average students have no or very little chance of passing the B1 Examination with good marks or later on getting into the university of their choice. 

Entry Requirements for Bachelor Applicants (English taught - Public University)

If you have passed your bachelor degree first year, you may be eligible to join an English taught Bachelor program at a public university. English taught Bachelor degree programs at public universities are highly competitive from admissions point of view. 

  • You must have completed your Grade XII examination in the year 2019 and onwards only. We no longer accept students who have completed their 10+2 qualifications in 2018 unless you have passed 3 or 4 semesters of your Bachelor degree studies in Nepal.
  • You must have obtained at least CGPA 3.0 (Grade XI & XII) combined. 
  • You must have at least 50% marks in your first year Bachelor degree.
  • You must have at least 6.0 (5.5) in IELTS or equivalent in other tests. 
  • You must have learnt some basic German language at least A1 level

Entry Requirements for Bachelor Applicants (English taught - Private University)

If you are applying for studying an English taught Bachelor degree program at a private university, the following applies irrespective of university admission requirements:

  • You must have completed your Grade XII examination in the year 2020 and onwards only.
  • You must have obtained at least CGPA 2.8 (Grade XI & XII) combined. 
  • You must have at least 6.0 (5.5) in IELTS or equivalent in other tests. 
  • You must have learnt some basic German language at least A1 level

Note: These are general guidelines only and requirements may vary from program to program. Please check with our consultants in detail before planning for your studies in Germany. 

For more information, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Face to Face German Courses Aug 2021

As the situation with the vaccination gets better day by day, Edupark has decided to roll out its Intensive German language courses in Face to Face Format from the second week of August. Application for admission is open now. 

Intensive Course dates for March/April 2021

We have announced the course start dates for March/April 2021. The timing of the Intensive German Course starting in March is available in the application form whereas the course timing for April is yet to be announced. 

Face to Face Courses

Edupark will offer Face to Face IELTS and German language courses starting 17th January 2021 taking in account all the necessary precautions. Interested students are requested to register for the courses using the online application forms in our website.

Happy Holidays

Edupark wishes good health, peace and prosperity to you and your family members on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashami and Tihar 2020.

Counseling Center Operating

Our counseling centre is operating as usual with the required safety precautions. Students visiting us are required to wear masks and sanitize themselves upon arrival before we can offer consultations.

Online Classes Notice

Due to the ongoing Pandemic caused by COVID-19, all our classes are held online in different levels at a very subsidised prices to support students to prepare for their higher studies in Germany. Our upcoming German course is scheduled to start from 4th October.

University of Applied Sciences Europe in Nepal

Edupark is the exclusive partner for University of Applied Sciences Europe with its campuses in Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn. There will be no service charges or processing fees for students who are planning to study Business, Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

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