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All our IELTS preparation classes are now offered online due to COVID-19 pandemic. At the moment, it is not possible to deliver face to face sessions taking in account the health safety of our students which is of utmost concern. Our Online IELTS classes have been rolled after careful planning and taking in consideration your learning outcomes. Our online classes are reflection of our offline face to face sessions and we ensure the best possible preparation in small groups in our IELTS classes.

In the Frequently Asked Questions segment, you can learn more about our online IELTS classes. You are requested to go through all the questions and answers before inscription to avoid misunderstandings which may occur upon enrolment in the preparation course.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can attend the online IELTS classes?
Any one over the age of 17 years and below 30 years can attend our online IELTS classes.

2. I want to study Bachelor degree in English medium in Germany. Is IELTS mandatory?

Yes, IELTS is mandatory for students who want to study Bachelor degree in Germany. An overall score of IELTS 6.0 with no band less than 5.5 is required by most universities for English taught Bachelor programs in Germany.

3. I am currently enrolled in Grade XII and yet to take my Grade XII examination. Can I attend the online IELTS course?

Yes, you are welcome to join our online course, but please make sure that you manage your time very well so as not to interfere your Grade XII Examination preparation with the IELTS preparation.

4. I am planning to study Master degree in Germany. Can I apply for studying Master degree without taking IELTS examination?

For studying Master degree in Germany, IELTS is mandatory for most English taught Master program. A few universities may accept students without IELTS examination but we do not process applications without IELTS test report. This is to ensure that you have more choices while applying for your Master degree in Germany as well as increased visa chances.

5. I want to apply for studying Bachelor /Master degree in another country. Can I join this course?
It does not matter where you want to study. If you need to prepare for the IELTS course, you are welcome to join out Online IELTS preparation course.

Course Details

6. What is the duration of the online IELTS preparation course?
The duration of the online IELTS preparation is 6 weeks with 2 hours of instructions per day from Sunday to Friday and additional classes if required for mock tests to support you on an individual level.

7. How many days per week are the classes held?
The classes are held 6 days per week from Sunday to Friday.

8. What is the total number hours per course?

Each IELTS preparation course consists of 72 hours of online lectures delivered through a video conferencing software in addition to additional practice time.

9. What is the number of participants in a group during the online course?

The maximum number of participants will be limited to 16 per course, however we plan on limiting the number to 10 per group to provide you enough time to ask questions so that you have a great learning experience.

10. When does the new course start?

Our new course starts every fortnight at different timing. The new course dates will be available in the application form for enrolment.

11. Will the online classes also include mock tests?

All our preparation courses are integrated with mock tests on a regular basis to assess your progress throughout the course. Additional face to face classes will be provided to students who are inside the valley to support them with preparation or the students can also join an ongoing face to face class without payment of the course fees once the situation becomes normal.

12. What will happen if I miss the online classes?

It is your responsibility to attend the online course timely and not to miss the classes. Please manage accordingly. In severe cases, it may be possible to send you a recorded version of the online session but that will be at the discretion of your instructor who may or may not choose to do so. It is very unlikely that you will be provided with recorded versions.

14. Will it be later possible to switch to the Face to face session once travel restrictions or the COVID-19 cases comes down to an acceptable situation?

Yes, it will be possible to switch to the Face to face sessions once the COVID-19 cases are under control and we are able to offer face to face sessions provided that your online classes are ongoing. You can prepare for your IELTS examination without extra cost in our Face to face sessions if you wish after the situation becomes normal or you are not able to get your desired score.

Software and Technology

15. What software is used for online classes?
We use Zoom meetings, Webex, Google Meet or Adobe connect and Google classroom to deliver online courses. The use of software may vary from instructor to instructor, however all these softwares are easy to use and more or less have the same functions.

16. Can I learn online using a Smartphone?

It may be possible to learn online using a smartphone but it is not recommended. We recommend you to have a proper laptop connected with a good internet speed to get the best of online classes and for the assignments.

Course fee

17. What is the cost of the Online IELTS Preparation course?
The cost of the online preparation course is NRs 6780 inclusive of “Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS” plus “Practice Booklet”.

18. Are there any discounts on the course fee?

The course fee for our regular face to face session is NRs 7910 whereas the course fee our online course is NRs 6780 per student inclusive of books and materials which in itself is a discounted fee. There are no further discounts available.

19. How can I pay the course fee?

You can pay the course fee by bank transfer. You will receive our bank account details, the moment you register for the course.

20. Can I transfer the fees online?
Yes, you may transfer the fees to our bank account online once you have registered. Once you have submitted the online application form, you will receive our bank details in your email. Please check your email for the bank account details for the transfer of the course fees.

21. Can I pay the course fees using esewa or Khalti?

Yes, you can pay the course fee using Esewa or Khalti or Fonepay after you have received our bank details in your email.

Books and Materials

22. Do I have to pay extra for books and materials?
A brand new “Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS” which is an excellent book for IELTS is preparation in addition to practice booklets is included in the course fee. If you prepare well, these should be sufficient to achieve your desired score. We may recommend additional books and materials for practice if your level of English is very weak.

Refunds and Cancellations

23. Can I cancel the course after the class has started?
It is not possible to cancel the course once you have attended the first few classes. A cancellation is only possible in case the course did not take place or there were not enough students admitted for the course. In case, you are not able to continue the online course due to some personal reasons, we can shift you to a course starting on a next date. It is not possible to cancel the course after the class has started. Hence, we ask you to join our online course if and only if you are determined.

24. How do I apply for refund?

You will need to send a refund application in writing in email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in writing along with your bank details. If your refund is approved due to a valid reason, we shall transfer the course fees to your bank account.

25. Do I get a refund on the course fee if I plan to drop out of the course?

There are no refunds possible if you plan to drop out of the course, however, you can join our face to face course once everything is normal by paying the difference in the course fee between the online and the face to face session.


26. How can I enroll for the course?
a) In order to enroll in our IELTS preparation classes, please complete the application form below:

b) Upon the submission of your online application form, please check your email.
In the email you will find our bank account details.

c) Please transfer the course fees in our bank account either by bank deposit or transfer using the most common gateways such as esewa, fonepay or others. Cheques deposited in our account must be realized in form of payment.

d) Upon receipt of the course fees, your place in our online course will be confirmed automatically.

27. What happens after I have paid the course fees?
You will receive a confirmation of a place in our course via email once we have received your course fees in addition to regular house rules for our online courses.

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