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A huge number of International Degree Programs are the programs offered in completely in English which require little or no German language skills at all with an International focus to attract international students. 

These programs offer the best possible education training for international and national students. International students have the possibility to continue their PhD after the completion of the International Masters. The number of such degree programs are increasing each year and offered by many universities. There are more than 2500 programs taught in English in Germany out of which there are more than 2000 programs available in English medium at public and private universities in Germany.

For admission in English taught Master programs in Germany, a good academic background in addition to some work experience and good English proficiency is required. For admission in such programs a bachelor’s degree equivalent to 8 semesters or 4 years of studies is recommended. Our placements are carried out after careful observation of the students backgrounds and the interests. Our focus lies in top-rated placements in International degree programs at top-rated universities. We have already placed more than 700 Nepalese students in English taught Master programs at top ranked universities in Germany.

English taught Master programs at Public Universities

There are a huge number of Master programs offered in English medium at public universities in Germany and you can sure find a program that is of interest. In order to make it easier for you to understand the programs offered at public universities, we have categorised it under the following 7 areas of studies which are very popular for international and Nepalese students as well. 

1. Engineering and Technology in Germany

Master programs in Engineering and technology is in very high demand from students all over the world as Germany is the leader in Engineering and technology and the number of programs is growing each year as well.
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2. Computer Science and Information Technology in Germany

Students interested in studying computer science and Information technology in Germany can choose to study one of the many programs offered in English and without fees at some of the best public universities in Germany.
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3. Business Administration/Management in Germany

Each year a huge number of international students apply for studying Business Administration/Management and or related programs in Master level in Germany and go on to pursue excellent careers after the completion of their studies in Germany.
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4. Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Germany

Natural Sciences and Mathematics is extremely popular for master degree students from Nepal given the fact that a large number of universities in Germany offer these programs. Most often the programs are linked with research institutions and provide a solid foundation for PhD studies upon the completion of the Master degree programs.
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5. Biology, Health Sciences & Interdisciplinary studies in Germany

Biological sciences are in high demand in Germany and graduates of such programs from Germany are in high demand all over the world given the high quality education and training received by the students. Additionally Health sciences are also very popular and more and more universities are offering interdisciplinary studies which often combines two or more faculties to offer such programs. 
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6. Agriculture and Forestry studies in Germany

Though the number of students applying for agriculture and forestry programs in Germany is less compared to other faculties, Germany offers a first rate education in these faculties too and there are many courses which are relevant to developing countries. Many students upon the completion of their studies in Agriculture and forestry often go on to work in the field of research and or come back to Nepal to find employment in the government or Non-government sectors.
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7. Environmental Sciences & Ecology in Germany

Germany is a very environmentally friendly country and many universities in Germany offer programs related to environment and ecology in order to impart education and training to international students so that they are able to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the world be it by their research work or work at companies actively looking to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community.
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English taught Master programs at Private Higher Education Institutions

A wide range of English taught programs are available private universities in Germany with little tuition fees mainly in the field of Management, Art and Design. The number of students applying for studying at private universities in Germany is on the rise because of shorter duration of studies, lower tuition fees compared to other countries and excellent career outcomes upon the completion of the studies. 

Some of the most sought after private universities and the English taught Master programs as follows:

1. University of Applied Sciences Europe

The University of Applied Sciences Europe is a state approved university in Germany with its campuses in Iserlohn, Berlin and Hamburg. It was formed in 2017 through a merger of the Business and information Technology School BiTS (founded in 2000) and the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule BTK (founded in 2006). UE Europe educates the leaders and decision makers of tomorrow int the field of Business, Media and communication, Sports Management, Art and Design. 

Business Leadership Programs

- Corporate Management (60/120 ECTS)
- Finance & Management
- Innovation Design Management
- International Sport & Event Management

Art & Design Programs

- Media Spaces
- Photography
- Smart City Management
- Visual and Experience Design

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2. IUBH University of Applied Sciences

IUBH University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1998 and combines practical relevance, international orientation and maximum flexibility under a single roof. We prepare more than 15,000 students for the global job market in four different areas of higher education: Our classic IUBH campus studies comprise English-language Bachelor‘s and Master‘s degree programmes with a clear industry focus. The IUBH online learning and IUBH part time offer an extremely flexible model, with which our students can reach their degree anywhere and anytime - including a virtual campus and online exams on demand. In the dual studies at IUBH, we combine theory and practice at bachelor and master level. All students benefit from our network of over 3,000 renowned partner companies who have already successfully cooperated with us. 

-International Management (M.A.)
IT Management (M.A.)
Big Data Management (M.A.)
Aviation Management (M.A.)
HR Management (M.A.)
Finance & Accounting (M.A.)
Health Care Management (M.A.)
Hospitality Management (M.A.)
Marketing Management (M.A.)
Transport & Logistics (M.A.)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Engineering Project Management (M.A.)
Engineering Management (M.A.)
Computer Science (M.Sc.) 

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3. Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

Berlin International is a state-recognised university of applied sciences with a global outlook located in the heart of Berlin. Our programs are taught entirely in English and have been accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities. We seek to provide an educational environment in which students are encouraged to realize their individual potential while also learning to work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative context.

As well as serving their academic needs, our staff is also interested in preparing students for the globalized world in which we live by promoting cross-cultural understanding through international academic co-operation and joint projects. Our core values include integrity, respect, excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. We strive to ensure that students feel at home in our international academic community while also being challenged to test their limits and experience new forms of collaboration. 

- Interior Design, MA
- Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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4. Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI Berlin)

Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is located in the heart of Berlin and focuses on helping graduates to become exceptional leaders in their chosen field.

- Global MBA
- Maritime and Shipping Management
- MA In Finance and Investments
- MA In Strategic Marketing
- MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- MA In International Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management
- MA in International Health Management

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