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Universities in Germany are becoming more accessible to English-speakers. There are opportunities to study in the Land of Thinkers and Philosophers without having strong German skills when you arrive. Knowing German is no longer a prerequisite for many Master's programs in Germany-especially for those that are internationally oriented. Students from abroad can learn German in the course of their studies.

The programs are offered in modules, and many include international component. A period abroad is often a requirement, along with the usual tests and other assignments that must be passed. Germany's transition to the Bachelor and Master system makes degrees earned in Germany easier to compare internationally, and study abroad programs have become easier to facilitate.

Most Master's program aim to foster connections with the job market before the students graduate. Possible employers are often actively included in developing the programs. Students can establish contact with companies in course of their studies. Furthermore, many universities offer programs with  a European focus and participating students must complete at least two semesters at a partner university in another country. Graduates of such programs may be able to receive a dual degree.

At the moment there are more than 2500 degree programs taught in English at the Universities in Germany and more and more universities are planning to launch more and more courses in English medium in order to attract international students in Germany.

Given the huge number of programs in Germany at public and private universities and other study tracks such as Dual Vocational training and Medical Residency specialisation, it can be a daunting task to select the right study track and or the right kind of program. For your ease, we have classified the available study options at Master or postgraduate level in to the following category: 

1. English taught Master programs at Public universities (without fees)

International students who are willing to study in Germany at Master level have the option of studying International Degree programs in English taught programs where German language is not a pre-requisite for admission in most of the programs. Students have the possibility of choosing some of the best programs in Engineering, IT, Agriculture, Business and Management, Computer Science, Biology and related fields, Natural sciences and mathematics in English taught programs. Apart from these there is a growing number of interdisciplinary programs where students can study many exciting subjects in Germany.

There are no tuition fees in such programs and students just pay a minimum semester contribution of around 110-330 Euros per semester. The programs are highly modular and the duration of the master programs can vary from 1 to 2 years of studies and there are also many programs of 3 semester duration. You have to understand that the shorter the program is the more compact it will be. The number of English taught programs at German universities is growing each year and the admission is highly competitive and therefore only good qualified students get admission for studying such programs.
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2. English taught master programs at Public universities (with fees)

At many public universities there is a growing number of English taught programs with moderate tuition fees and these programs are funded privately by tuition fees from the students. On an average the tuition fee is around 5000 Euros per semester, however this can vary from university to university or program to program. Many of the programs are available in the area of business administration and engineering sciences at top notch universities in Germany. These days such programs are growing very popular among international students. Such English taught programs charge tuition fees does not mean that the admission requirements are lower or flexible.

International students must take in account that the number of English taught programs at public universities are much lesser than the demand from International students and certain programs can be highly competitive irrespective of tuition fees. Hence, it is important that the application process is carefully prepared and all admission requirements are met. 

3. English taught Master programs at Private universities (with fees)

With the growing number of private universities, the number of programs taught in English at private universities in Germany  has been growing rapidly in number all over Germany. Although the number of private universities are very less, there is already a huge number of English taught programs available for international students in different cities in Germany. Some universities can be located in regional areas whereas some can be located in the the city centres.

Students are required to pay tuition fees at the private universities which is definitely not free unlike the public universities. The range of tuition fees can vary from university to university and program to program and usually there are some bursaries available for international students. Some private universities can be very expensive which is out of reach for most Nepalese students but on average most private universities are in the affordability range of most international students.

A good number of English taught programs in the field of IT, management and other art and design related subjects are available at private universities. No matter whether you choose to study at a private university or a public university, the quality of education in Germany is very high compared to other countries. The best thing about studying at a private university is that you complete your degree faster and you are trained for the soft skills on a one to one basis which prepares you for the job market in the least possible time. 
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4. German taught Master programs at Public universities (without fees)

More than 5000 programs are available as German taught Master degree programs in Germany which offers Nepalese students a wide range of selection making it much difficult what to choose to study in Germany in Master degree level. Though English taught programs are increasingly popular at master level, German taught programs are also equally popular for students who would like to later on enter the German job market or improve their German language skills for internships in typical German companies. Those students whose program of interest is not available in English medium usually choose to study German taught programs at public universities in Germany. Most of the German taught programs at public universities in Germany are funded by the state and hence there are no tuition fees.

If you want to study at a public university but do not have the required grades to enter the program of your choice in English medium, you can choose to study the program of your choice in German medium at a University in Germany after meeting the language entry requirements. Though it may take a little more time than the regular master program in English medium due to the language course but upon the completion of the German taught program, you have a very good chance of finding a job quickly in the German job market.

Apart from these things, you must take in account that there are certain subjects which are offered only in German medium even in Master degree such Pharmacy and Dentistry and many art and design programs for which you must learn German language if you want to study at a public university in Germany.
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5. Medical Specialist Training

If you are a medical doctor and you would like to do your specialisation in a clinical subject, Germany offers one of the best possibilities for your medical specialist training in your chosen field. You must note that German is the main language of communication in the healthcare system of Germany and medical residency programs are only available in German.

Applying for the medical specialist training in Germany will not be easy and involves a hard work of around a year or so in German language followed by Medical German apart from other paperworks for the processing of the temporary medical license which leads to “Approbation” qualifying you as a medical doctor to practice medicine in Germany leading to your Medical Specialist Training.
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