Registration for Placement Test

Registration for Placement Test

Online Registration for A2/B1 placement test for external students

As a student who has learnt German language at another institute, you may be wondering if you can be admitted in A2 or B1 level at Edupark to continue your preparation of German language course in order to study in Germany. Yes, it is possible for you to learn A2 and B1 level German language course at Edupark, provided that you meet the criteria below:

  • have GPA 3.0 in grade XI and XII in aggregate or at least GPA 3.0 in Grade XI if you have just appeared for Grade XII examination 
  • must pass the A2/B1 admission test

However, starting September 2021, our Intensive German courses are limited to undergraduate students who want to study German taught Bachelor program in Germany and applying for university and visa application through us. This is in order to ensure that our language courses are offered in small groups of 8-10 students where we are able to provide enriched learning experience on an individual level. 

Upcoming Placement Test Details

A2 Admission Test

  • Date: 3rd January 
  • Time: 11:00 - 2:00 PM
  • Test fee: NRs 1695

B1 Admission Test

  • Date: Upcoming Test Date
  • Test Fee: NRs 2260


  1. Before, applying for the placement test or making the payment for the placement test, we strongly recommend you to get all the required information about studying in Germany and the terms and conditions for applying through us to avoid confusion later on. 
  2. Students who pass the admission test can be enrolled in our German language course starting 14th November 2021. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should complete this form?
This form is for students who have learnt A1 or A2 elsewhere but now would like to attend A2 or B1 course at Edupark. If you have learnt German at Edupark either face to face or online, you will need to register for the Admission test using the form, however you are not required to pay any fees. The test fee is introduced to limit the availability of the test only to serious learners. 

2. Is my place in the course confirmed for the test upon submission of this form?
Simply submitting an online registration form is not enough. In order to confirm your place in our admission test, as an external student you must pay the fees for the placement test to our bank account, the details of which will be sent to you upon the submission of the form.

3. What happens after I have submitted the form and paid the fees?
Once you have submitted the form and paid the fees, you will receive the details of the timing of the test a day before the test which you must appear. There are no refunds if you are not able to attend the test, however we can reschedule your test on another date.

4. How often are the placement tests held?
Our placement tests are held before the start of our A2 and B1 courses. 

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