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Edupark Pvt. Ltd. was established in the March of 2009 as Edupark Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Since, October 2012 have dropped the word ‘consultancy’ from our name given the expansion of our German language course facility and we have emerged out as one of the finest German language course provider and consulting services provider in these years. Since its establishment in 2009, Edupark has provided best possible consulting services to hundreds of Nepalese students and successfully placed a huge number of Nepalese students in highly competitive courses at top ranked government universities in Germany.

Edupark has the years of experience and specialization in providing top-rated placements at German universities. Edupark has been considered to be the premium consulting service provider in Nepal. Most students choose Edupark not because of big advertisements but because of trust and the quality of services starting from the first day of their visit. Edupark is the only institution that has always been able to maintain 100 percent university admissions and near to 100 percent visa success rate for Germany. Edupark is the only company that has been exclusively dealing with the students placements in Germany only.Starting in March 2009, Edupark has already sent more than 250 students till date to Germany for their further studies at top-rated universities in Germany. Probably Edupark is the only which has sent this number of students to Germany.

Why Choose Edupark?

  • Probably one of the most German Education Consultancy for providing consulting services for studying in Germany
  • 100 percent Success rate for university admission and near to 100 percent success for visa application for our students aspiring for studying in Germany
  • The most experienced education consultancy for top-rated university placements in Germany.
  • The only consulting company, which provides services, dedicated to the real needs of students for their study in Germany
  • The finest Intensive German Language Courses in Kathmandu to prepare students for their Aufnamheprufung at Studienkolleg in Germany
  • Headed by academically strong team which focuses on qualitative consulting services rather than quantitative and focuses on individual need of the student
  • Edupark will help you obtain your university admission from a top-rated German University, visa and much more.

Visitor Address

Edupark Pvt. Ltd.
First Floor - Fourth Building,
Beside Aradhana Complex,
Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Postal Address

GPO: 20129 Sundhara,
Kathmandu, 977 Nepal
Telephone: 977-01-4246693/4
Hotline: +977-1-4246693
Website: www.edupark.com.np

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G.P.O Box: 8975 EPC 5123
Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Hotline: +977-1-4246693

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