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    Edupark has almost a decade of experience in placing students at the top rated universities for their higher studies in Germany with a consistent success rate of near to 100 percent university and visa applications for our students.

    Given the quality of our support and services, we have placed more than 700 students for studying at top rated universities in Germany!

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    Graduate Studies in Germany

    English taught Master degree programs are constantly increasing in Germany and across Europe.

    Redefine your career with a research oriented International Degree programs fully taught in English at top rated universities in Germany!

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    Undergraduate Studies in Germany

    Anything that you wish to study from Aerospace Engineering to Zoology is available in Germany and you can study those programs without having to pay any tuition fees.

    Get an internationally recognised Bachelor degree in English or German medium at the best universities in Germany with Edupark!

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    Intensive German Courses

    Edupark offers the best German language courses to prepare you for your university studies, work and social life in Germany.
    Join our finest Intensive German courses starting every month!

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    IELTS preparation classes

    Starting March you can prepare for IELTS with our Intensive IELTS preparation courses designed for better individual and overall band scores.

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    Study at Berlin School of Business and Innovation

    Berlin is great city, full of culture and with an ever growing economy, making it a fantastic place to study.

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Success stories 2015

  • anup khadka
    Anup Khadka
  • anupa kc
    Anupa KC
  • barshana prajapati
    Barshana Prajapati
  • bigyan shrestha
    Bigyan Shrestha
  • biswas rana
    Biswas Rana
  • dikpal thapa
    Dikpal Thapa
  • gaurab sedhai
    Gaurav Sedhai
  • gaurav sharma
    Gaurav Sharma
  • jagrit chhetri
    Jagrit Chhetri
  • manish bhatta
    Manish Bhatta
  • manjula timalsina
    Manjula Timalsina
  • manoj kumar shrestha
    Manoj Kumar Shrestha
  • manoram bhattarai
    Manoram Bhattarai
  • niraj thapa
    NIraj Thapa
  • pankaj shrestha
    Pankaj Shrestha
  • prakash ghimire
    Prakash Ghimire
  • prashant joshi
    Prashant Joshi
  • radha timalsina
    Radha Timalsina
  • rajesh bohara
    Rajesh Bohara
  • ratim ghimire
    Ratim Ghimire
  • roshan shah
    Roshan Shah
  • sabin khatiwada
    Sabin Khatiwada
  • sagun karki
    Sagun Karki
  • sajan gautam
    Sajan Gautam
  • sajan kumar karmacharya
    Sajan Kumar Karmacharya
  • salis joshi
    Salis Joshi
  • sandeep ghimire
    Sandeep Ghimire
  • saroj khulal
    Saroj Khulal
  • saroj pradhananga
    Saroj Pradhananga
  • sudip thapa
    Sudip Thapa
  • sujan adhikari
    Sujan Adhikari
  • sujan kumar heuju
    Sujan Kumar Heuju
  • sujaya shrestha
    Sujaya Shrestha
  • sunil chandra
    Sunil Chandra
  • sunil chapagain
    Sunil Chapagain
  • suraj shrestha
    Suraj Shrestha
  • sushma bhandari
    Sushma Bhandari
  • sushma khadka
    Sushma Khadka
  • ujjwal panth
    Ujjwal Panth
  • umesh bastola
    Umesh Bastola
  • umesh suyal magar
    Umesh Suyal Magar
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  • Sajan Gautam

    During my days in Edupark, I found here supportive and caring teachers and a well managed system.

  • Umesh Suyal Magar

    Finding Edupark for the German study was a great decision for me. It was all about my career. At first, I was unknown about Edupark so I wasted my 3 months studying in other consultancies. But when i found Edupark, I found the difference of earth and sky. The way of teaching by the experts was great. Most important is grammar and vocabulary which i improved here and after completing i was able to speak, write and listen German.

  • Umesh Bastola

    If you want a well organized and flash forward processing. Yes, this is the place ! The cooperative and happy to help Edupark team will never let you down.

  • Suraj Shrestha

    After the completion of my +2 examination in science. I was searching for a good consultancy for my further education in a education free country like Germany. In order to receive a good knowledge in German language and to learn german culture. I believe Edupark is among the best selections.

  • Sujan Kumar Heuju

    I have found Edupark as one of the most honest consulting firm regarding Germany Study. The information and guidance I got here are to the fact and of high essence while applying and choosing universities and courses. I will always be grateful to Edupark for this.

  • Sujan Adhikari

    If you want to pursue your further studies in Germany. Edupark offers you the best service. Thanks to Edupark family.

  • Saroj Pradhananga

    I choose Edupark because it is one of the finest consultancy in Nepal for learning German and I am proud to be one of the student of Edupark. Thank You!

  • Salis Joshi

    I would like to thank Edupark for the information provided and help me in finding college/university. Also I got the opportunity to learn German language.

  • Sagun Karki

    There are many things that I like about Edupark. Firstly, all the members here are very friendly and well educated. I found it very easy to interact with them. Secondly, I could find the right university in the right place through this consultancy so I feel very fortunate. What stuck me the most is that how they work actively and assures a sure visa condition. Lastly, and the most important I now find it easy to communicate in German language as I was taught very intensive language course.

  • Prakash Ghimire

    I have found Edupark very good. All the members are professional and friendly. Edupark also gives the genuine information which helps a lot to plan our future. Lastly, I feel that Edupark is a good career counseling centre.

  • Pawan GC

    In order to study bachelor level in Germany we must have strong base for German Language, which I found in Edupark on the other hand the dedication and commitment of the teachers to strengthen our base of the language was magnificent.

  • Pankaj Shrestha

    It was great learning German at Edupark. The teachers and staff here are helpful. It has fun environment for learning German. Edupark also provided me all the books and materials for learning Germany. The method of teaching Germany here is a little strict but at the end it's all worth it.

  • Niraj Thapa

    Edupark is the best institute to read German. Edupark focuses on universities preparatory courses so that it will easy for us on Aufnanmeprufung. I think it is right decision to come at Edupark. As well as, in Edupark we can save time and money.

  • Manjula Timalsina

    The best thing for me is the friendly environment that Edupark provides. Its standard is for me very high. The institution is for instance not business motivated but sets an example for providing the best guidance a student can think of. The discipline here is quite fascinating and the teachers and staffs highly qualified. Learning a language could never be so easier and motivating. I am glad I could be a part of Edupark and i would sincerely thank all the members of Edupark for their support and guidance.

  • Manish Bhatta

    I wanted to study in Germany, but I didn’t get seat at Goethe Zentrum Kathmandu. I searched for other institute, then I found Edupark, which now I think is the best decision I have ever made. The friendly environment of teachers and staffs helped me to pass B1 exam.

  • Dikpal Thapa

    After completing my college life, I wanted to go outside for further studies. My father told me Germany is good destination as no tuition fee. I was searching for good institution for German language. Searching for good good consultancy, I found Edupark as a best institute.

  • Biswas Rana

    It was very fortunate for me to have chosen Edupark for my German Language Course and further processing . The intensive coaching classes in Edupark have helped me a lot to boost up my language skills. In addition to this the suggestions and counseling provided by this institution were very beneficial.

  • Asmita Subedi

    It was very fortunate for me to have chosen Edupark for my German Language Course and further processing . The intensive coaching classes in Edupark have helped me a lot to boost up my language skills. In addition to this the suggestions and counseling provided by this institution were very beneficial.

  • Aship Magar

    Pursing higher studies in complete new language is near to impossible. But Edupark provided necessary foundation for me to turn this dream into reality. Its teaching staffs to classroom environment, all are of ground breaking quality. Studying in Germany is now possible for students like us due to Edupark and its top notch quality. Overall its an excellent institute.

  • sujaya shrestha

    The best thing I like about Edupark is the quality education of German language. The teachers, especially Kranti Sir, is very good at teaching and explaining things.

  • Amit Giri

    Thanks Edupark Team. You are the only one and the best Consultancy in Nepal. Most Important thing “ We found the same German learning environment at Edupark and in Germany.

  • Rabin Timalsina

    EDUPARK IS the only consultancy in Nepal which provides adequate information regarding processing and german education system. I am always thankful to Mr. Sandip Mishra who suggested me to study in Germany

  • Prakash Giri

    Excellent service provider in Nepal for those Students whom willing to come Germany!!!

  • Nischal Shiwakoti

    Probably the best Institute in the country for Studies in Germany and for German language courses. Perfect destination for the student willing to Study in Germany.

  • Rahul Rimal

    I would like to thank the Edupark team once more for helping me achieve my dream of pursuing my masters in a reputed University and also helping me master the dreaded German language.

  • Subash Niraula

    Edupark is the best of all. Dream Germany, Visit Edupark. Thank you Edupark!

  • Saksham Ghimire

    The reason I find Edupark unique and reliable is that unlike other language institutes, students here are not only taught German language but they are also taught to work hard at such level that most students find it difficult to cope with. But those who do will definitely be able to get the most out of it. That is one thing that is guaranteed here.

  • Chhawang Lama

    The teaching technique here is very interesting and teachers are really great. I am so happy that I found Edupark in the first place.

  • Rishav Khanal

    With best teachers and highly competitive practice materials Edupark is the best Institution in Nepal.

  • Shishir Siwakoti

    Choose Edupark for Germany. East or West Edupark is the best, Leave the rest.

  • Prabhu Ram Basnet

    For quality education of Germany , Edupark is the best institute in Nepal.

  • Prashant Shrestha

    The best thing I found at Edupark is the dedication of the teachers for the improvement of German Language of the students. At Edupark what matters is the quality not the quantity.

  • Pramod-Raut

    Edupark is the best motivator for the students who want to grab German education.

  • Rachana Joshi

    Learning German at Edupark and learning German in Germany is more or less same. If you have learnt German language upto B1 at Edupark, you can easily get admitted in B2.1 or B2.2 in Germany. I got admitted in B2.2

  • Pramod-Kamal-Kharel

    Learning German at Edupark saves you a huge amount of money that you would probably spend if you studied at other language schools in Kathmandu.

  • Elisa Maharjan

    Without Edupark, my dreams would not have been possible.

  • Samrat Koirala

    The process was made easy all the way. Excellent support and counseling throughout the process.

  • Rakesh KC

    The best language courses in Nepal. Even the most difficult Grammar topics are easily covered.

Apply now for upcoming Intakes!

1. Face to Face Counseling

Our German department is now located in the 4th Floor of the current Building whereas UK Department is in the 1st Floor now. You are welcome to schedule an Appointment for Online Counseling Session through videoconferencing software if you are not able to visit us in person.

2. Application for Feb/March 2024

We are accepting Applications for  Summer Semester 2024 (Feb/March 2023) Intake. If you are interested in applying for SS 2024, please submit your applications as soon as possible to us, as the deadlines for most of the programs are approaching. 

3. IELTS preparation Courses

Students interested in studying an English taught program in Germany are welcome to prepare for their IELTS Examination with our Intensive IELTS Preparation courses starting every Monday. To learn more about our Intensive IELTS course, please visit

3. Intensive German Courses

Students interested in learning German with are requested to visit us in person for admission or visit the following page for more inforation about Intensive German courses:

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1. Get all the information

Before you start your planning and preparation for studying in Germany, it is important that you get all the information right regarding studying in Germany. The admission requirements may vary from university to university and program to program as well as the visa process is different when compared other countries. 

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